We select brand names, colors and design logos uniquely combining branding and Vedic astrology principles for positive affinity of your organization.

Selecting a Business Name

We select a business name that carries positive vibration for success and growth.

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Selecting Brand Colors

We suggest harmonious and prosperous colours for your business name, logo, stationery, and visiting cards.

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Designing of a Logo

We design a logo with inherent astrological patterns for success and growth of your organization.

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How it is useful to you?

Randomly selected name, color, and logo may not have positive affinity for your business. Get a positive, prosperous and harmonious name; logo methodically selected using Vedic Sciences.

Years of study and research

We offer business solutions aligned with Vedic sciences principles.

Organizational & individual charts researched

Applied our research method on 3000 individual and organizational charts.

Brandscolors.com is an online portal for brand name selection and logo designing services based on branding and Vedic Sciences principles.
We are based in Hyderabad, India. Our services are available across the globe.

Brandscolors.com believes that the use of Vedic sciences only for predictive purposes is nothing but limiting its scope and utility.
This portal envisions our chief mentor’s belief that Vedic Sciences have to be applied in different spheres of our life for our betterment and growth.

Backed by 20 years of research on Indian Vedic astrological systems, we power the science of branding with the tenets of Vedic Sciences.

Our services include company or brand name selection, brand colors selection and logo designing.

Our method | Name selection Process | Colors selection Process | Logo Designing Process

We offer this as a service. We do not advertise our services anywhere and as a principle we do not exhibit our portfolio or list of clients. We do not have any branches or associates anywhere else in the globe. All the information provided by the clients will be kept confidential.



Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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